Roadpass Digital Acquires Overnight RV Parking

Chicago, IL — March 2, 2021 — Roadpass Digital, the road-based travel technology company that includes the Roadtrippers, RVillage, and Togo RV brands, announces the acquisition of Overnight RV Parking was founded in 2008 and has grown to be the largest, most accurate, and most authoritative database of free RV parking locations in North America, and is unique in its careful review and validation of submitted location details.

“The Roadpass Digital team has a commitment to the RVing experience that will allow Overnight RV Parking to further fulfill our original mission of helping RVers more easily find boondocking locations,” said Jim O’Briant, co-founder of Overnight RV Parking. “Better yet, being part of Togo creates a much better experience for our current users and preserves the service for years to come.”

 The parking directory service will be integrated into the Togo RV app as an added benefit for premium subscribers. This allows the service to reach more than 300,000 RVers who have downloaded the Togo RV app, and will upgrade existing Overnight RV Parking customers to the full suite of premium features and benefits of Togo RV Plus. At over 15,000 locations, the new feature of Togo RV rounds out a diverse selection of camping locations that will all be made available for RVers to explore within the Togo RV app.

RVers have been telling us there is a shortage of reliable information on free, quick, and convenient overnight stops. Jim and Melanie built an ideal tool for RVers that complements our focus on creating a better RV experience with Togo RV at a time when the community of new RVers seeking this type of accurate information is growing,” said Danny Hest, CEO of Roadpass Digital.

Through its integration with Togo RV, Overnight RV Parking will continue to be led by its co-founder, Jim O’Briant, who has more than two decades of experience as an RVer and is a respected contributor to the RVing community. Co-founder Melanie Dumas Grimm will also remain through the transition as technical advisor.

About Togo RV

Togo RV is the ultimate app to keep RV owners organized, inspired, and on the move with a set of tools focused on improving the RV experience. Features and benefits include RV-specific GPS navigation, high-value member discounts, access to free boondocking locations, service and maintenance schedule tracking, customizable checklists, RV Living stories, and a mobile repair locator. Already, more than 300,000 RVers have downloaded Togo RV.

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About Roadpass Digital

Roadpass Digital is a technology joint-venture between THOR Industries and Tourism Holdings Limited. Roadpass Digital is focused on making it easier to experience, own, and maintain recreational vehicles as well as more easily discover, book, and navigate road trips. Roadpass Digital has offices in Chicago, Cincinnati, and Auckland. Learn more about Roadpass Digital and its Roadtrippers, RVillage, and Togo RV products at