16 Accessories You Need for RV Glamping

Feb 27, 2022 | Gear & Tech

16 Accessories You Need for RV Glamping

Take your RV glamping experience to the next level with these fun, stylish accessories and luxe camping must-haves.

By Samantha Lechlitner-Lewis

As glamping continues to grow in popularity, it’s also taken on many forms. From lavish glamping resorts complete with high-end tents and cabins, spa treatments, and fine dining, to less extravagant experiences with fewer amenities and more traditional camping accommodations, there’s sure to be a retreat that meets your needs and price range.

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For RV owners, dishing out money for an upscale camping adventure might seem unnecessary when you already have a roof over your head, but owning your own rig doesn’t mean you miss out on the comforts and luxuries of glamping. Here are accessories you can add to your RV and campsite to turn your rig into the ultimate glamping destination on wheels. 

Glamping Decor

Changing your interior and exterior camping decor transforms your RV into a stylish, glamp-ready rig. Accessories like lights and pillows are easy solutions for enhancing your camping environment.

Interior Lighting

Change out your RV’s interior lighting with modern options like pendant lights and sconces.

Exterior Lighting

Decorate your outdoor area with easy-to-install USB lighting kits that can be easily packed up when you’re ready to leave camp. 

Outdoor Rug

An outdoor camping rug is a great way to decorate your outdoor living space. Some options, like this one from Glamplife, even include a carrying bag for easy storage in your rig.

Indoor/Outdoor Pillows

Already have pillows in your RV? These indoor/outdoor pillow covers are perfect for changing up your space without having to purchase new pillows—plus, you can use them inside your RV or outside at your campsite. 

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Dining Upgrades

Even if you don’t have the skills of a Michelin-star chef, you can still create a fine-dining experience at the campground with simple accessories.

Cocktail Kit

Don’t take up space bringing all of your bar accessories with you on the road. A camping cocktail kit makes it easy to stir (or shake) up the perfect concoction at your campsite.

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Espresso Machine

Be your own barista with a portable espresso machine, so you can have your coffee the way you want it, no matter where you’re camping.

Portable Picnic Table

Amplify your outdoor dining space by adding a folding picnic table that’s easily stored in your rig when not in use.

Pizza Oven

For a real culinary upgrade, a portable pizza oven lets you ditch the campfire hot dogs for your favorite pie—that’s ready in 15 minutes or less.

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Glamping Comfort

While you might not be able to pack up your living room sectional for your travels, you can still enhance your RV’s comfort levels with a few quick upgrades.

Mattress Topper

If a new mattress isn’t in your budget, an RV mattress topper adds an extra amount of comfort without breaking the bank. 

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Camping Loveseat

Your campsite seating accommodations can make or break your outdoor experience. Give yourself more room and comfort with a foldable loveseat.

Shower Upgrade

If your rig is equipped with a shower, replace the showerhead with one that has increased pressure and advanced setting options. If you’re traveling in a smaller RV, outfit your exterior with a heated shower so you can skip the communal bathhouse.

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Luxe Living

From spa treatments to additional living space, these RV accessories give you the luxury of a glamping retreat without having to book a reservation. 

Outdoor Theater

Turn your campsite into a movie theater with an outdoor projector. Drape a sheet on the outside of your rig or use a portable screen and stand—but be sure to follow campground quiet hours so you don’t disturb your neighbors.

Massage Gun

For those who enjoy spa treatments while on vacation, a massage gun will be your new favorite camping accessory.

Screen Room

Adding additional space to your RV is easier than you might think. Extend your living space with an awning attachment for more room to eat, entertain, relax, and even sleep. Plus, it protects you from the sun and bugs.

Foot Spa

This portable foot spa is the perfect way to treat your feet after a long day of hiking, biking, or exploring the outdoors. 

Hot Tub

Not every camping location will support this RV glamping accessory, but a portable hot tub can be a fun addition to your campsite. You’ll need water and electric hookups (and some patience, depending on the outdoor temperature).

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