Do RV Parks Enforce a 10-Year Rule on Rigs? 78% Say Maybe

Sep 18, 2020 | Rigs

Do RV Parks Enforce a 10-Year Rule on Rigs? 78% Say Maybe

Will you be allowed at an RV park in a vintage Airstream? Should you buy that used Winnebago you’ve been eyeing? Here are some things to consider before purchasing an older rig.

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Older RVs often come with plenty of vintage charm and can be affordable options for anyone wanting to get into the RV lifestyle on a budget. If you’re seriously considering purchasing a used rig, you may have heard of a “10-year rule” being enforced at some RV parks and campgrounds—meaning they won’t allow rigs older than 10 years to park on their property. So, is this actually true? We contacted more than 90 RV parks across the U.S. to find out. Here’s what we discovered.

Do Some RV Parks Not Allow Older RVs?

Of the 94 RV parks we contacted, only three said that they have a strict 10-year rule in place. The majority of the parks said that they don’t have a 10-year rule or are willing to make exceptions. Another 14 parks claimed that they have no policy in place at all regarding the age of rigs allowed on the property. And four of the 94 parks mentioned that they have rules for rigs older than 15 years. 

Is the 10-Year Rule Strictly Enforced?

Close to 78 percent of the RV parks contacted told us that they would want to make sure an older rig is in decent condition before letting it park. In this case, the resort or campground might ask for photos ahead of time. Some mentioned that they would be looking for things like dents, broken windows, loose parts, window AC units, duct tape, and leaks in order to determine the condition of the RV. This isn’t to say that you would be denied access unless your RV is completely flawless, but it could be worth calling ahead and checking first. 

Should You Buy a Camper That’s Older Than 10 Years?

You may want to consider the 10-year rule before purchasing a used rig. If you have specific destinations and campgrounds that you’re looking to visit, contact them ahead of time to see if they enforce this regulation. More likely than not, you’ll be allowed to park an older rig as long as it’s properly maintained and there’s no cosmetic damage. To streamline the process at parks that might have this rule, take multiple pictures of your RV and store these photos on your phone. That way you can easily send photos of your rig to the campsite if requested. 

Why Do Some RV Parks Enforce a 10-Year Rule?

Some upscale RV parks may enforce a 10-year rule to ensure that all RVs and guests have a quality experience. In other cases, RV parks enforce this rule for RVers that are staying for a month or longer. Again, as long as your older rig is in decent condition and well-maintained, you’ll likely be fine to stay at most RV parks and campgrounds on your list. 

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