The Best Dog Camping Gear for RVers

Apr 19, 2021 | Gear & Tech

The Best Dog Camping Gear for RVers

There’s nothing better than sharing your RV travels with your pet. Here’s how you can maximize comfort and safety for your four-legged companion.

By Elizabeth Stefan

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We’re not sure who loves camping trips more, us humans or our pets. RV travel is convenient for taking your dogs (or other animals) along. But with pet-friendly travel comes a whole new set of challenges, from muddy paws to medical emergencies. 

The following must-have dog camping gear will make traveling with your pets as safe, comfortable, and stress-free as possible.

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First-Aid Kit 

As pets navigate new terrain, investigate unusual smells, and meet new “friends” (such as porcupines), chances increase for an accident. It’s critical to have information on hand for the nearest emergency vet and to carry a well-stocked animal first-aid kit. Kits can be purchased directly from reputable vendors or you can craft your own by adding a few items to your existing, at-home first-aid kit.

The Field Dog First Aid Kit from Orvis is actually two kits in one. It includes a pocket-sized kit for daily adventures and a larger kit that can be left in your RV or vehicle. We also like that it includes a detailed 93-page guide by Dr. Randy Acker with instructions on canine first aid. 

The Adventure Dog Series Me & My Dog Kit includes an assortment of dressings, bandages, and tick-removal tools. It’s tailored to treating an injury to your dog’s paws. 

You can also put together your own kit. You probably already have some basic components—including hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic spray, and gauze—in your travel first-aid kit. By adding a few dog-focused items, such as a muzzle, slip lead, and tick remover or tweezers, you’ll be prepared to treat your pet’s minor injuries, too. 

Life Jackets 

Many RV travelers enjoy staying at campsites next to lakes, ponds, or oceans. Pups love the water too, and whether it’s hopping aboard a stand-up paddleboard or playing endless games of fetch, even water-savvy dogs can become exhausted or stunned by extreme temps. When shopping for dog life jackets, make sure to get a model with dual handles so it’s easy to pick up your pet in an emergency. 

Dogs swimming in lakes wearing life jackets
Photo: CoastNAirstream

Outward Hound is a popular choice when it comes to life vests for dogs. The brand is affordable and widely available, plus these life vests come in a variety of bright colors. 

Smart ID Tags

It’s important to keep your pet’s tags current, even on the road. Thanks to advances in near-field communication technology, you can do so at the tap of a smartphone. There are plenty of smart devices on the market to choose from, but we like models that utilize a website and animal identification number or scanning technology, instead of products that need to be recharged or require a subscription service. 

Dog with smart ID collar
Photo courtesy of Lifekey Wearables 

Fetch ID tags provide the owner’s contact information and pet’s location directly to a smartphone when scanned. It also allows you to store important pet information, such as vaccination records, your vet’s name, and other health data. 

With a SmartBuckle collar, your pet is assigned a unique ID number that’s connected to their vital information. Ideal for full-timers, owners can update details on the fly to make sure their pet’s info is always up to date. 


On the road, chances are you’re tackling fur, mud, and dirt in your RV. There are a number of products that can help keep dirt off your trailer floor or utilize your RV’s water supply to clean muddy paws (or your boots). 

Rinseroo turns your sink faucet or showerhead into a flexible shower, making it easy to rinse off your pup’s paws. We also like that it can be easily and discreetly stored when not in use, which is suitable for the limited space of RV life. 

Ruggable makes pet-friendly alternatives to traditional carpet runners, offering stain-resistant, waterproof, and washable rugs perfect for your RV. 

Temperature Monitoring Devices 

Since you can’t take your furry friend with you everywhere, you need to make sure your RV is safely equipped for you to leave your dog alone. Home security systems with cameras and a temperature monitoring device help provide reassurance when leaving your pup alone in your rig. 

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The GetawayCouple have been traveling full-time with their dog for more than four years and highly recommend the MarCELL monitor. It monitors the temperature, humidity, and power in your RV. You’re able to set a range for ideal temperature and humidity, and if those conditions go out of your determined safe range, the device will notify you via text or call.

Washable Travel Bed

Keep your pet comfortable at the campground with a cushioned dog pad that you can throw on a seat or next to the campfire. Most camping brands sell versions of travel beds for dogs that are easy to store and clean, and waterproof.

This washable, portable dog bed is easy to clean and is comfortable for dogs of most sizes. Plus, it rolls up for easy storage in its own self-containing bag.

With these dog camping gear recommendations, you can keep your furry friends safe and comfortable on the road and have peace of mind even when they can’t tag along on your outdoor adventures.

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