27 Easy Foil-Packet Recipes for Your Next RV Camping Trip

Sep 23, 2020 | Food & Camp Cooking

27 Easy Foil-Packet Recipes for Your Next RV Camping Trip

Nothing’s easier to prep, make, and clean than a foil-packet meal when you’re RV camping. From paella to campfire potatoes, these meal ideas will leave you needing more tinfoil.

By Ashley Rossi

For those new to the concept of foil-packet meals, they’re essentially what they sound like—meals that you prep and cook in tinfoil. You can cook almost any type of food in a foil packet, and heat it in a variety of ways. If you really want to get ahead with meal prep, you can freeze foil-packet meals, too. Foil packets are fun for families to make together and are easily customizable for diet restrictions and picky eaters. 

food wrapped in tinfoil on campfire grate over open flame
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With foil cooking, purchase heavy-duty aluminum foil and use multiple sheets for the packets. You can also use parchment paper as an interior layer if you don’t want your food directly touching the foil. Use bowls or plates to shape the packet before putting food in it. Spray the inside sheet with plenty of oil so the food doesn’t stick. To close, roll and fold the sides so that you can trap the heat and food doesn’t spill out, but make sure to leave room for steam to gather. Tinfoil dinners can go on the edge of the fire or on hot coals—just make sure you rotate them for even heating. Or, use your RV’s outdoor kitchen and grill or interior oven. The best part? There’s no mess, just properly dispose of the tinfoil, and you’re done with cleanup. 

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  2. Fish Foil-Packet Recipes
  3. Beef Foil-Packet Recipes
  4. Chicken Foil-Packet Recipes
  5. Vegetarian Foil-Packet Recipes
  6. Breakfast Foil-Packet Recipes
  7. Dessert Foil-Packet Recipes
  8. Pizza Foil-Packet Recipes
  9. Nacho Foil-Packet Recipes
  10. Campfire Potatoes

Dinner Foil Packet Recipes

Here are some of our favorite foil-packet recipes for dinner meals. 

Sausage Foil Packet Recipes

uncooked sausage foil packets with peppers and potatoes

Typically a crowd favorite and easy to make, these sausage foil packets will be a staple on your camping menu.

Ingredients: Sausage, rice, veggies of choice, potatoes, and onions. 

Time to Cook: 20 to 30 minutes depending on your heat source. Sausage should be at an internal temperature of 160 degrees. 

Our Favorite Sausage Foil Packet Recipes: 

Pro Tip: Rice pairs well with these sausage dishes. To make, use instant rice and soak it in the recommended amount of water for about 5 minutes. Then scoop out (with the water) and add to each foil packet for cooking.

Fish Foil Packet Recipes

smoked salmon on tinfoil

Simple and quick to cook, fish foil packets make for a healthy campfire meal. These recipes rely on marinade and seasonings for their flavor, so prep it ahead of time.

Ingredients: Salmon, cod, or your catch of the day paired with veggies and/or rice. Premake a marinade or have lemon and herbs ready to add to the packet. 

Time to Cook: Less than 10 minutes on the grill, and up to 15 minutes on the campfire; oven times vary. Make sure to watch it closely, because fish cooks fast. The internal temperature of fish should be 145 degrees.

Our Favorite Fish Foil Packet Recipes:

Pro Tip: You can smoke your salmon by opening up the foil packet and cooking the fish over lower heat (on the smoke setting or by adding wood chips if using a grill) for about 10 minutes while basting. 

Beef Foil Packet Recipes

philly cheesesteak on picnic table

Get creative on the grill (or fire) with these classic red meat-based meals. 

Ingredients: Lean beef, peppers, onions, mushrooms, potatoes, and cheese.  

Time to Cook: 35 to 40 minutes in the grill or oven, 20 to 25 minutes on the campfire. The internal temperature of beef should be 145 degrees.

Our Favorite Beef Foil Packet Recipe: 

Pro Tip: When heating with fire, place a cabbage leaf on the bottom of the packet. This will help prevent the outer edges from burning before the center is fully cooked. Use the leanest possible beef, otherwise your packet will be full of grease.

Chicken Foil Packet Recipes

raw chicken veggies and potatoes laying on tinfoil

The most versatile of meat doesn’t disappoint with these foil-packet recipes. 

Ingredients: Chicken, peppers, rice, onions, sauces or seasonings, and desired toppings. 

Time to Cook: 15 to 40 minutes depending on the cut of the meat and your heat source. The internal temperature of chicken should be 165 degrees.

Our Favorite Chicken Foil Packet Recipes: 

Pro Tip: These recipes are even easier to make if you prep ahead of time by cutting veggies and marinating the meat. 

Vegetarian Foil Packet Recipes

raw vegetables with pesto and olive oil on tinfoil

Use these vegetarian foil-packet recipes as a yummy side dish or for a full meal.  

Ingredients: Cauliflower, sweet potatoes, beans, corn, tomatoes, potatoes, cheese, tortillas, and toppings. 

Time to Cook: About 15 minutes depending on how you cut the veggies, or until tender. 

Our Favorite Vegetarian Foil Packet Recipes: 

Pro Tip: Any veggies go, but look to mushrooms, peppers, carrots, green beans, sweet potatoes, corn, and peas instead of items like squash and zucchini that can get mushy.

Specialty Foil Packet Recipes

Here are our favorite foil-packet recipes for specialty meals. 

Breakfast Foil Packet Recipes

sliced open breakfast burrito

These breakfast foil packet recipes are ideal for campers as you can do most of the steps ahead of time and then just add eggs. 

Ingredients: Eggs, cheese, bacon (or ham), hash browns, peppers, milk, fruit, berries, bread, and sweeteners. 

Time to Cook: Less than 15 minutes. 

Our Favorite Breakfast Foil Packet Recipes: 

Pro Tip: For breakfast recipes with eggs, keep in mind that the foil packs will be extra runny so make sure to seal them tightly. 

Dessert Foil Packet Recipes

stuffed banana with marshmallow dessert

Arguably, this is everyone’s favorite meal when camping, so of course, there are foil packet recipes for dessert.  

Ingredients: Fruit (apple, bananas, and peaches), sweeteners, graham crackers, chocolate, marshmallows, toppings.  

Time to Cook: 5 to 20 minutes depending on your heat source and the recipe. 

Our Favorite Dessert Foil Packet Recipes: 

Pro Tip: For these recipes, you’re really just melting or warming up your dish, so you don’t need much cooking time. 

Pizza Foil Packet Recipes

french bread open faced pizza with a variety of toppings

Bring toppings and bread, then let everyone at the campsite build their own pizza. 

Ingredients: French bread or Italian rolls, cheese, pizza sauce, and toppings. 

Time to Cook: 10 to 20 minutes (or until cheese is melted) depending on your heat source. 

Our Favorite Pizza Foil Packet Recipes: 

Pro Tip: Prepare (and even freeze) ahead of time and heat up on the campfire. 

Nacho Foil Packet Recipes

loaded nachos on a sheet of tinfoil

These nacho foil packet recipes make for easy afternoon snacks. Turn them into full meals by adding pre-cooked meat. 

Ingredients: Tortilla chips, beans, cheese, salsa, and toppings. 

Time to Cook: 10 minutes on low heat. 

Our Favorite Nacho Foil Packet Recipes: 

Pro Tip: Cook your nachos on low heat or weak flame—you’re really just using the heat to melt the cheese.

Campfire Potatoes

potatoes cooking in campfire

Ideal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, campfire potatoes are a staple thanks to their ease, simplicity, and delicious taste. 

Ingredients: Potatoes, cheese, seasoning, and toppings. 

Time to Cook: 20 to 35 minutes depending on your heat source.

Our Favorite Campfire Potato Recipes: 

Pro Tip: Cut your potatoes to your liking—diced, scalloped, fries, or leave them whole—the choice is yours, just adjust your cooking time accordingly.  

Have you tried any of these recipes or do you have your own go-to foil-packet meal? Share your favorite foil-packet recipes with us on social media by tagging @togo_rv.

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