5 No-Drill Mods to Help Organize Your RV

Jul 11, 2022 | Maintenance & Mods

5 No-Drill Mods to Help Organize Your RV

These five mods don’t require any drilling, making them ideal for renters or those not wanting to create holes or risk damage in their RV’s interior.

By Stephanie Deininger

One of the benefits of having an RV is that you can hit the road without having to pack a suitcase. You just place your items into a cabinet, closet, or drawer and start your trip. The only problem with this is that things tend to bounce and move around, likely causing disorganization—unless you find solutions that help your items stay in place.  

Here are five “no-drill” modifications that you can do to your RV that will help you stay more organized in your home on wheels. These solutions are inexpensive, easy to access, and easy to move around as your needs change.

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the inside of a cabinet with shelves and board games
Suspension shelf. | Photo: Stephanie Y. Deininger

1. No-Drill Shelves 

No drill shelves are exactly what they sound like: Shelves that don’t require any drilling to hold them up. But not all shelves are created equal—you need to find suspension shelves that can tighten in the middle and on the sides. If you get shelves that adhere to a wall without any tension, you run the risk of them falling down. 

These shelves are ideal for quirky spaces that need to be split up into sections, like a tall cabinet. You can also move no-drill shelves around as needed, which is much more difficult than ones that are drilled in.  

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2. No-Drill Hanging for Lightweight Objects

If you need to hang an item that’s small or lightweight, double-sided adhesive works well. The possibilities are endless here. 

Adhering small items—like a lightweight toothbrush holder on the inside of a bathroom cabinet—to your RV’s vertical space clears your counter space and makes it easier to travel because the items won’t be moving around. You also don’t have to put stuff away every time you hit the road. Use no-slip hooks as they hold things in place better.

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a door with hooks holds a pink bathrobe
Over-the-door hooks. | Photo: Stephanie Y. Deininger

3. No-Drill Hanging for Heavy Objects

When it comes to hanging larger, heavier items in your RV without drilling, you have two options: Use over-the-wall hooks, or adhere hooks to the vertical areas of your RV. If you use adhesives, you’ll need a type of adhesive—like acrylic tape—that can sustain temperature changes and the weight of the larger items. If you use over-the-door hooks, you’ll have more options, but since most RVs don’t have a lot of doors, you’re limited to where the doors are to hang items.  

4. No-Drill Solutions: Magnets

Magnets are easy to use and come in a variety of options. My favorite place to use them is with magnet boards on kitchen walls to hold spices, utensils, and hooks for items like dish towels. Magnets are also a convenient solution for the outside of the RV to hold hooks for shoes, outside lights, cookware, and more.  

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You need to pay attention to the magnet strength, or grade. Your magnet needs to be strong enough to hold the weight of your item. A large-sized magnet doesn’t always mean stronger, so be sure to check the grade.   

a toilet paper holder
Small suspension rod. | Photo: Stephanie Y. Deininger

5. No Drill Solutions: Suspension Rods

Suspension rods come in handy with RV organization—you just need two walls to suspend them between. Stay organized by installing a suspension rod to hang a communal bathroom basket that can hold everyone’s items instead of leaving them on the counter.  

Suspension rods come in different sizes, and can be small enough to fit into those tiny crevasses that you never know what to do with. It’s a great way to hang paper towels, toilet paper, or hoses in a storage compartment, plus so many other things.  

RV organization doesn’t have to be complicated, and you don’t have to drill holes or buy power tools to do so. The best organizing solutions are the ones you’ll actually use. So before you modify your RV with permanent solutions, try one of these no-drill mods instead.  

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Stephanie Deininger

Stephanie is the founder of The Organized Flamingo and now lives in Colorado after growing up in California and being born in Mexico. She loves road trips and travel. By trade, education, and love, she's helped organize things, events, and people’s lives for more than 18 years.