2020 RV Camping Habits: How Do You Compare to Other RVers?

Dec 30, 2020 | Travel & Destinations

2020 RV Camping Habits: How Do You Compare to Other RVers?

We polled our list of newsletter subscribers to find out how they camp, travel, and maintain their RVs. Which team are you on?

By Togo RV

Photo: Lindsey Chambers

Over the past six months, we’ve polled you—our newsletter subscribers—about your rigs, camping habits, maintenance preferences, and RV lifestyle. 

Some answers surprised us, and others were more expected. It turns out that the RV community is deeply divided on everything from what’s considered poor campground etiquette to whether a t-shirt or magnet makes a better souvenir. One thing we can all agree on? There’s no such thing as a bad campfire dessert.  

Here’s what you had to say about your RV habits in 2020.

Would you rather have a …

  • Class B Campervan outfitted for off-grid adventure?
  • Luxury Class A equipped with all the comforts of home?

57% prefer a luxury Class A.

Is watching a movie or a game on an outdoor RV television bad campground etiquette?

  • Yes, I’m camping and don’t want to see your screen
  • No way, I love my outdoor entertainment 

52% said yes, it’s poor etiquette. 

Airstream boondocking at sunset
Photo: Lindsey Chambers

When you find an amazing, under-the-radar campground or RV park do you …

  • Share it with your RV community
  • Keep it a secret

55% would share the tip with friends.

For a quick overnight stop, which do you prefer?

  • I look for free overnight parking in a Walmart or Cracker Barrel
  • I always stay in a campground

56% say that they always stay in a campground.

Photo: Kerry Sainato

Favorite campfire dessert?

  • Fireside S’mores
  • Dutch Oven Cobbler

74% prefer Dutch oven cobbler.

I would rather boondock at a …

  • Winery
  • Farm

53% would choose a farm over a winery. 

Have you ever taken a multi-generational RV trip?

  • Yes
  • No

67% have taken a trip with their grandparents, parents, children, and/or grandkids. 

desk station in an rv

Do you work remotely from your RV?

  • Yes, love the flexibility
  • Nope, RV trips are for relaxing

55% work from their rig. 

What’s your favorite RV trip souvenir?

  • Magnet
  • T-shirt

51% would buy a magnet over a t-shirt.

Photo: Erin Thiem

Do you decorate your RV over the holidays?

  • Of course
  • Not at all

‘Tis the season—54% decorate their RV. 

Do you own a

  • Motorized (Class A, B, C) RV
  • Trailer (Fifth Wheel, Toy Hauler, Travel Trailer)

52% own a motorized RV.

Airstream in winter weather with snow
Photo: Lindsey Chambers

How do you winterize?

  • DIY
  • Go to a service professional

77% say they do it themselves. 

Have you been boondocking this year? 

  • Yes, gone off-grid
  • No, only at campgrounds

58% have been boondocking in 2020. 

What types of questions do you want to see in 2021? Subscribe to our newsletter and let us know!

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