Rig Roundup: 8 RVs Great for Families

Jul 28, 2021 | Rigs

Rig Roundup: 8 RVs Great for Families

Family RVing comes with its own sets of needs. Here are some floor plans currently on the market that might fit your family’s lifestyle.

By Kerri Cox

Photo courtesy of KZ Recreational Vehicles

There is no one-size-fits-all RV for families—your lifestyle will determine which one works best for you. My family started with an inexpensive, used 19-foot trailer that logged more than 15,000 miles before we upgraded to a brand-new 29-foot trailer. While we appreciate the larger size and extra features of our new rig, we still cherish the memories we made in our first RV.

Whether you’re setting out as a full-timer or plan to be a weekend warrior, there are certain features that make some rigs better for families than others. Ultimately, your budget, style, and personal preferences will help determine what RV is best for your family.

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Important Features to Look for in RVs for Families with Kids

When looking for the right RV for a family, here are some features to consider.


Almost every RV manufacturer makes a model with bunks. Bunk options can range from a small set of stacked beds in the living space to a separate bunkroom that can sleep four to eight kids. You may even find built-in wardrobes, entertainment centers, and attached half baths in larger bunkhouses. One thing to consider: If you don’t get a unit with a dedicated bed for each child, you’ll need to fold down a dinette or couch each evening and fold it back up in the morning. 

Large Living Space 

In addition to having more sleeping capacity, it’s desirable to have a large living space where everyone can gather. Smaller rig models primarily offer a kitchen and beds that may or may not convert into seating. Larger rig models usually have a dinette plus one or more couches, as well as dedicated beds. Even if you don’t plan to spend a lot of time in the rig, think about where you’ll want to be during meals, evenings, and rainy days. 

Multifunctional Spaces

Your family’s lifestyle may include adults working from the road or children roadschooling. You can find RVs with built-in desks, WiFi extenders, USB charging stations, and more. Consider what tasks you’ll regularly do while traveling, and look for a rig that can accommodate those needs.

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Recreational Features

Not only can your RV take your family on the road, it can also haul your toys or accommodate off-the-grid camping. If you plan to take bikes, kayaks, or all-terrain vehicles, look for features such as storage bays and cargo racks. If you plan to boondock frequently, solar power and water filtration systems are helpful.

RVs Ideal for Families

If you’re looking for the best RV for your family, the following options showcase a range of sizes and amenities.

RV floor plan for a Class A motorhome
Photo courtesy of Entegra Coach

Class A: Entegra Coach Vision XL 36A

Ideal for families looking for a Class A rig, this floor plan comes with two full bathrooms, a primary suite with a king-sized bed, bunk beds, ample storage, and a spacious living area. Families will also appreciate the large water tanks and residential size fridge. An outdoor entertainment center and awning add to the fun at campground hangouts. For extra sleeping space, add on the drop-down overhead cab bunk.  

GVWR 24,000 pounds
Towing Hitch 5,000 pounds
Fuel Capacity 80 gallons
Exterior Length 38 feet, 10 inches
Exterior Height 12 feet, 10 inches
Fresh Water Tank 72 gallons
Black Tank 51/51 gallons
Gray Tank 40/40 gallons
MSRP $190,673


If you’re a full-timing family, consider adding on the combination washer and dryer to make doing laundry easier on the road. 

More information on this family-friendly RV can be found here.

RV floorplan for a Class C motorhome
Photo courtesy of Coachmen RV

Class C: Coachmen RV Leprechaun 300BH

This Class C is ideal for families as it has designated spaces for everyone to retreat to. The primary suite is closed off with a hard pocket door and the separate dinette space—which can double as an office area—comes with a flip-down bunk across from an entertainment area. In the front of the rig is an open living space with an L-shaped kitchen, a sofa, a second dinette, and a large bunk over the cab. If you take lots of family trips in the summer, consider upgrading to the dual A/C system.  

GVWR 14,500 pounds
Towing Hitch 7,500 pounds
Fuel Capacity 55 gallons
Exterior Length 32 feet, 11 inches
Exterior Height 10 feet, 11 inches
Fresh Water Tank 50 gallons
Black Tank 29 gallons
Gray Tank 34 gallons
MSRP $107,072


Add on the adventure plus package which comes with sideview cameras, a convection microwave, and a 6-gallon gas and electric water heater. 

More information on this family-friendly RV can be found here.

RV floor plan of a small travel trailer
Photo courtesy of Jayco

Travel Trailer: Jayco Jay Flight SLX 7 174BH

This trailer is one of the best small RVs for families as it fits many creature comforts into the floor plan—bunks, a dinette, a queen-sized bed, a kitchen, and a dry bath. At 22 feet, it’s easy to tow and would make a perfect starter trailer. Thanks to a GVWR under 4,000 pounds, you might not even need to upgrade your tow vehicle

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UVW 3,075 pounds
GVWR 3,950 pounds
Hitch Weight 300 pounds
Exterior Length 21 feet, 8 inches
Exterior Height 9 feet, 2 inches
Fresh Water Tank 20 gallons
Black Tank 19.9 gallons
Gray Tank 19.9 gallons
MSRP $22,442


Jayco has a reputation for quality. Kids will love the 4-inch-thick Teddy Bear bunk mattresses and adults will appreciate the rig’s 2-year warranty.

More information on this family-friendly RV can be found here.

Interior view of an RV with seating area, kitchen, and bunk beds
Photo courtesy of Grand Design

Travel Trailer: Grand Design Transcend XPlor 265BH

This floor plan creates a cozy conversation area by placing the bunks on the rear wall with a couch in front, allowing people on the dinette and sofa to easily talk. Storage steps lead up to the top bunk, making it more accessible. The private main bedroom has a separate entrance and queen-sized bed.

UVW 6,327 pounds
GVWR 7,995 pounds
Hitch Weight 658 pounds
Exterior Length 32 feet, 9 inches
Exterior Height 11 feet, 1 inch
Fresh Water Tank 62 gallons
Black Tank 39 gallons
Gray Tank 78 gallons
MSRP $31,102


You’ll find an impressive amount of exterior storage, starting with the 43-cubic-foot pass-through bay found at the front of the trailer. The rear door opens to a 42-inch-by-22-inch storage spot. 

More information on this family-friendly RV can be found here.

View of large kitchen in an RV trailer
Photo courtesy of KZ Recreational Vehicles

Fifth Wheel: KZ Durango D348BHF

If living simply isn’t your thing, then a luxury fifth wheel may be the family-friendly RV you need. The private bunkroom has a hide-a-bed sofa, three bunks, and an entertainment center. Plus, you won’t have to share a bathroom with the kids or guests since they have their own half bath. You can entertain family and friends in the large living area, which features a kitchen island, fireplace, tables and chairs, and a sofa (or optional theater seating—with USB ports, heat, and massaging feature). 

UVW 12,370 pounds
GVWR 14,995 pounds
Hitch Weight 2,210 pounds
Exterior Length 40 feet, 8 inches
Exterior Height 12 feet, 10 inches
Fresh Water Tank 76 gallons
Black Tank 93 gallons
Gray Tank 53/40 gallons
MSRP $92,568


Want to tow a small trailer or boat or add a bike rack or cargo tray? This fifth wheel has a 2-inch rear receiver hitch with a 3,000-pound towing capacity.

More information on this family-friendly RV can be found here.

RV floor plan of a large trailer
Photo courtesy of Jayco

Fifth Wheel: Jayco Eagle HT 31MB

While most rigs place the bunkroom at the rear of the trailer, this fifth wheel features a mid-bunk floor plan. The versatile bunkroom has a tri-fold sofa and flip-up bunk. This allows the rear of the trailer to be used for a spacious living space, with three slides and large windows. 

UVW 10,570 pounds
GVWR 12,200 pounds
Hitch Weight 2,075 pounds
Exterior Length 37 feet, 2 inches
Exterior Height 12 feet, 6 inches
Fresh Water Tank 81 gallons
Black Tank 43 gallons
Gray Tank 75.5 gallons
MSRP $71,806


Jayco’s Helix Cooling System with Whisper Quiet Technology provides powerful airflow without the noise associated with the traditional A/C systems found in most RVs.

More information on this family-friendly RV can be found here.

Interior view of an RV with bathroom, living area, kitchen, fireplace, and bunk beds
Photo courtesy of Keystone RV Company

Travel Trailer: Keystone Hideout 250BH

Some families prefer to own rigs less than 30 feet in length to make it easier to navigate more rustic campgrounds. This trailer has a small footprint while still giving everyone their own space. You’ll find double-over-double corner bunks. The bottom bunk flips up, creating a storage bay accessible by a rear door. An L-shaped kitchen features generous prep space. 

UVW 6,077 pounds
GVWR 7,800 pounds
Hitch Weight 810 pounds
Exterior Length 29 feet, 11 inches
Exterior Height 11 feet, 1 inch
Fresh Water Tank 43 gallons
Black Tank 69 gallons
Gray Tank 30 gallons
MSRP $29,854


The jackknife sofa has a completely new design concept, which converts it from a couch to a dinette that can seat six. Once the stowaway table is set up, you can pull out the three storage boxes from under the sofa to create extra seating. 

More information on this family-friendly RV can be found here

Trailer floor plan with bunk beds and kitchenette
Photo courtesy of Winnebago

Travel Trailer: Winnebago Hike H172BH

If your family wants to head off the grid, this trailer has smart features that will make your expeditions easier. Off-road tires, a higher ground clearance, and hefty fenders make it possible to tackle rugged landscapes. Securely attach kayaks, bikes, and other gear to the exoskeleton frame. While the interior isn’t large, the clean, modern design makes it feel light and spacious.

UVW 3,400 pounds
GVWR 4,200 pounds
Hitch Weight 610 pounds
Exterior Length 20 feet, 7 inches
Exterior Height 10 feet, 2 inches
Fresh Water Tank 31 gallons
Black Tank 25 gallons
Gray Tank 25 gallons
MSRP $34,543


The Hike comes prewired and prepped for solar, allowing you to go off grid once you add roof-mounted solar panels.

More information on this family-friendly RV can be found here.

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