Social Distancing for RVers

Apr 20, 2020 | Travel & Destinations

Social Distancing for RVers

Want to practice social distancing while living in your RV? Here are some important things to keep in mind to stay safe and socially distant.

By Josh Schukman

Photo: Josh Schukman

Social distancing—the idea of maintaining a physical distance between people—is a practice that has recently swept across the United States. And while we may feel restricted from the socially-connected activities we know and love, it won’t be this way forever. We are social people who will—once again—enjoy connecting with our friends, families and favorite places.

Until then, we believe that being in an RV is a great way to feel a sense of connection to the surrounding world, all while keeping a safe distance from others. So, if you RV full-time or just own one for recreational use, here are a few things to keep in mind when practicing social distancing in your rig.

Airstream with awning open and camp chairs out front, parked among hills during sunset
Photo courtesy of Airstream Inc.

Follow the Rules

First things first: always pay attention to local and statewide mandates. While having a home on wheels makes moving around a lot easier, it’s vital that you follow guidance from authorities wherever you choose to park your RV. Some of the universal rules for social distancing include staying at least 6 feet from other people, not gathering in groups, and avoiding crowded places.

A Safe, Clean Space

Living in an RV is a great way to sequester yourself and your family from other people. It’s so much easier to move from place to place in an RV and find remote locations—but remember to do so safely. Even if you aren’t a full-time RVer, you can use your parked unit as a quarantine chamber if you, or someone you know, starts to show signs of sickness.

Airstream sits at campsite overlooking mountains and valley of shrubs and pine trees
Photo: Josh Schukman

Living in a small space also makes things easier to clean and disinfect. Frequently cleaning your RV, especially high-touch surfaces, can help keep you and your family safe. Check out our guidelines for how to properly disinfect your RV.

Camping in Rural Areas

A large number of RV campgrounds are often located in rural areas, far removed from large cities and crowds. By venturing out on a carefully planned road trip, you can safely bring your family into campgrounds at these sparsely populated locales. Just be sure to call the campground ahead of time to check on any closures. And make sure to follow the travel guidelines for any states you travel to and try to limit your touchpoints (rest stops, grocery stores, gas stations, etc.). While some states have deemed RV parks and campgrounds essential businesses, other states have not. Because of this, it can be confusing to know where to go to practice social distancing in an RV. This guide is an up-to-date list of campgrounds—both public and private—that are currently open.

Airstream parked on dirt lot among tall green grass and trees
Photo: Josh Schukman

And don’t forget about moochdocking—the fine art of camping on the land (or driveway) of friends and family, while “mooching” off of their water and electrical connections. Just be sure you’re safe about it and that all parties are cool with the arrangement.

Nature At Your Doorstep

While visiting popular places isn’t recommended during times of social distancing, a quick search or phone call to your local state park office may award you with some secluded trails and places where you’re less likely to encounter other people. Even if you live in a city, most urban areas have forests, parks, or plots of natural land within an hour’s drive. Get creative and set up camp in your backyard or driveway. S’mores are always a great idea, even when they happen right at home.

Nature and fresh air are also widely praised for their health-giving qualities, making an RV trip into nature all the more appealing right now. You and your family could set out on some secluded hikes, take bike rides in the fresh air, or simply take a wildlife walk—all while keeping a safe distance from others.

Red truck parked with a hitched Airstream along lakefront
Photo: Josh Schukman

While social distancing might be the new normal, this won’t be our routine forever. The beauty of RVing is that it allows you to customize your journey in a way that is safe, respects distances, and provides the natural connection we’re all seeking right now.

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