The Ultimate RV Hitching Checklist

Feb 26, 2019 | Rigs

The Ultimate RV Hitching Checklist

By Togo RV

Hitch like a boss with our ultimate hitching checklist that covers everything from prep work to getting hitched, final safety checks, and more.

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  • Shovel
  • Lubricants
  • Fuses
  • Wheel chocks
  • Leveling boards/blocks
  • Rubber blocks
  • RV power cord adapter
  • Extra potable water hose
  • Black and gray flush hoses
  • Tank deodorizer
  • Velcro strips, rope or tie-downs
  • Rags for your hands
  • Generator fuel
  • Flashlight with a full battery


  • Check that RV battery is fully charged.
  • Fill the propane bottle.
  • Review proper lifting and loading techniques.

Hitch and vehicle readiness

  • Ensure there’s nothing in the RV you’re going to need during the haul.
  • Make sure the space around your RV is clear of debris.
  • Position chocks against the wheels to keep the RV still.
  • Inspect your hitch to ensure that it’s secure.
  • Close all windows, awnings, vents, blinds and slideouts.
  • Turn everything off. Shut down all your appliances and disconnect utilities like your A/C.
    Nothing should remain in the “on” position.
  • Secure loose items. If anything looks like it could fall or shift during your haul, lay it down
    and consider padding sharp edges.
  • Lock the door behind you.
  • Stow the steps and anything else that can be folded, such as stabilizers.
  • Latch and secure sliding trays.
  • Take down any antennas or satellite dishes.
  • Empty water tanks and close tank valves.
  • Add necessary chemicals and a small amount of water to black tanks.
  • Ensure your tow vehicle has a full gas tank.
  • Check all other tow vehicle fluid levels.
  • Check your RV’s fill levels and make sure all tanks are empty. You should never tow with filled tanks.
  • Tighten the bolts on the hitch of your tow vehicle.
  • Unlock the hitch and open the receiver latch.
  • Lower the jacks on the front of the trailer so the ball can be guided onto the receiver.
  • Fifth wheel only: Remove the king pin lock. Lower the towing vehicle tailgate and close the door to the front storage compartment. Grease the hitch mechanism.

Pro Tip: Now that you’ve addressed all your levels, you’ll likely want to weigh in again. Don’t hitch up until you know you’re within the acceptable weight range.

Getting hitched

  • Hitch your RV to the tow vehicle.
  • Hook up your RV’s breakaway cable.
  • String any needed electrical wiring between the RV and the tow vehicle.
  • Connect sway bars if you have them.
  • Attach safety chains in a crisscross (X) formation.
  • Raise up your jacks.
  • Remove blocks from under the jacks if you have them.

Final safety checks

  • Walk around your rig to ensure everything is safe.
  • Ensure there are no loose items.
  • Ensure there are no unlocked doors.
  • Ensure there are no unlocked windows.
  • Check the RV brakes via the indicator light on the brake controller.
  • Check the brake lights of tow vehicle.
  • Check the brake lights of trailer.
  • Check the headlights.
  • Check that turn signals illuminate on the tow vehicle.
  • Check that turn signals illuminate on the trailer.
  • Check visibility from the driver’s seat.
  • Adjust mirrors.


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