Unhitching Your RV

Feb 26, 2019 | Rigs

Unhitching Your RV

By Togo RV

Everything you need to unhitch with confidence, our step-by-step checklist walks you through the prep work, leveling your rig, positioning chocks, and more.

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Prep work

  • Avoid tight spaces and narrow roads.
  • Find level parking.
  • Check size of space with awnings and slide-outs.
  • Check your RV site for hookups.
  • If no fresh water at site, fill fresh water at central location.
  • Check for obstacles at RV site.
  • Ensure hookups are in reach.

Leveling your RV

  • Use a level on floor inside RV (or built-in level).
  • Use leveling blocks to level.

Unhitch and unwind

  • Position chocks snugly under trailer wheels.
  • Release trailer and vehicle hitch tension.
  • Engage vehicle parking brake.
  • Fifth-wheel only: Lower tongue jack until firmly in contact with ground.
  • Fifth-wheel only: Lower tailgate.
  • Disconnect and stow safety cables and chains.
  • Disconnect and store emergency breakaway cable.
  • Remove sway/weight distribution bars.
  • Lower tongue jack to neutral position with vehicle.
  • Release hitch ball or kingpin locking bar.
  • Lower tongue jack until hitch clears vehicle ball.
  • Disconnect trailer wiring harness from tow vehicle.
  • Disengage vehicle parking brake.
  • Slowly roll tow vehicle forward and park.


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