6 Ways to Renovate a Toy Hauler Garage

Nov 2, 2022 | Maintenance & Mods

6 Ways to Renovate a Toy Hauler Garage

Toy hauler garages offer the ultimate flexibility to create a multipurpose space that you can transform based on your needs.

By Renee Tilby

Vengeance Rogue Toy Hauler RV. | Photo: Sanna Boman

If you’re looking for an RV with flexible usage options and a blank canvas to renovate, you might want to consider a toy hauler.

Toy hauler garages provide the perfect opportunity to create whatever kind of space you need in an RV. While they might feel stark and utilitarian, there are plenty of ways toy hauler garages can be turned into beautiful and highly functional spaces.

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1. Primary Bedroom

A popular way of transforming the toy box garage of a toy hauler is by turning it into a primary bedroom, like full-time RVer Autumn from @thehighwaysdaughter did in her stunning renovation. She left the existing HappiJac bed lift system and removed the lower bed. By keeping the primary bed down at night and up during the day, she’s opening up the room for other uses. The use of multiple layered rugs warms up the utilitarian flooring.

RVer Lauren from @thewholethompsonlife uses a similar design to turn her toy hauler space into a peaceful primary bedroom retreat. The rubber garage flooring is replaced with a tasteful blonde plank flooring, a wood dresser adds much-needed storage, and an inviting seating area is uncovered when the primary bed is lifted. The use of a cohesive color scheme, plants, and warm finishes makes this a favorite toy hauler renovation.

2. Office

Want an office-on-the-go that will rival most home offices in a traditional sticks and bricks? Check out the fantastically moody renovation by @wherethewildonesroam. This RVing family converted their run-of-the-mill toy hauler garage into a beautiful office space with dark-painted walls, wood and leather accents, and a slightly industrial decor. 

After painting and adding in flooring and trim, full-time RVers Mel and Luke from @lahrs.with.latitude created an inviting office space and living room out of their toy hauler garage. They utilized the space well with a long desk on one wall and a couch and storage on the other. A hammock chair overlooking the back patio adds a fun touch of whimsy. The combination of warm wood tones, the pop of color in the rug, and the brightness of the wall color creates a balanced and welcoming space. And to top it all off, the room transforms into the primary bedroom when the HappiJac bed is lowered. 

3. Bunk Room

Many RV toy haulers come with two queen-sized beds on a lift jack, making them prime candidates for a bunk room renovation. By splitting the two beds into four kid-sized beds, Brittnee and Brent of @ourlifewebuild turned a boring RV garage into the ultimate kids’-room-on-wheels. New flooring, fun wallpaper, functional furniture, and light wood accents come together to create a bright, happy space for the RVing family.

The Howard family of @rventrophy created a toy hauler turned “teen hauler” for their two teenage boys while on the road full-time. By removing the lower queen-sized bed, they opened up floor space for a multipurpose desk, bookcase, and a smaller, twin-sized bed complete with storage. The space in the front of the room houses a second desk and music area while the patio off the back creates an outdoor retreat. The original flooring is covered by an oversized rug, and a cohesive look is achieved by keeping a simple color scheme.

4. Living Room

Digital creators Karlee and Weston of @karleeandweston turned an extremely dark, black box into a stunning and bright living room—with french doors. The happy orange couch is a fun addition to the otherwise calm, neutral palette. This aesthetically-pleasing living room also doubles as the RV’s primary bedroom at the push of a button.

Full-time RVer Brittany of @brittanywinebarger created an elegant and welcoming living room out of her RV garage, while still keeping the toy hauler’s functionality. At first glance, it looks to be only a living room, but the garage space serves as a hauler, laundry room, and a bedroom when the queen-sized bed is lowered. The wall-to-wall rug covers up the rubber garage flooring and can be rolled back to load the toys.

While toy haulers are usually large fifth wheels with slide-outs, they come in all shapes and sizes. Cortni of @theflippingnomad took a small toy hauler with no slide-outs and created an impressive loft-style home on wheels. Her attention to detail and willingness to take risks shines through in this space, from the floor-to-ceiling windows to the fun, geometric flooring. The before and after photos show what you can do even with a small toy box.

5. Kitchen

Full-time RVers Kris and Devin of @fifth_wheel_living turned their small travel trailer garage into a tasteful boho kitchen and dining space. The black cabinets, creamy white walls, and new flooring create a canvas for beautiful decor choices. The wall side console table keeps the space open while still maximizing functionality. Floor-to-ceiling sheer curtains hung against the garage door soften the utilitarian look of the closed ramp and create an inviting opening when the deck is set up.

6. Flex Space

RV renovator Rachel of @rv.family.reno shows ultimate flexibility and function with her toy hauler garage renovation. The space serves as a primary bedroom, a sitting room, an office, a laundry room, and a patio. 

Another example of toy hauler turned flex space is this renovation by Derek and Lindsay of @laneslesstraveled. The RVing family created a homeschool room, kids’ bedroom, living room, music room, storage, and laundry room, all in one space. This room proves that you don’t have to sacrifice the function of a traditional home when switching to a home on wheels.

The blank space of a toy hauler garage can become a well-designed and enjoyable space that offers both form and function. 

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