Your One-Stop Guide to Owning an RV

Your One-Stop Guide to Owning an RV

All the resources you need to help you throughout your RV ownership journey.

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Intro to RV Ownership

This Roadpass University course walks you through your first year of owning an RV, from picking up your new rig from the dealer to winterizing and long-term storage.

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Is Full-Time RVing Right for You?

Not every RVer is cut out for living on the road full-time—and that’s ok. But for those who are, it can be one of life’s greatest adventures. Take this quiz to find out if full-timing is right for you.

Is Owning an RV Worth It?

Is Owning an RV Worth It?

We break down the financial costs and benefits of owning an RV so you can decide if it’s the right purchase for you.

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The Benefits of RV Ownership

Whether you’re in the market for a rig or thinking about taking things full-time, here are some of the top reasons why you should switch to the RV lifestyle.

Tips for RVing Newbies

From shakedown trip advice to winterization and storage tips, here’s what every RV owner should know before they take to the road for the first time.

RV Finances

From insurance to making money from renting your rig, here’s the lowdown on the finances of owning an RV. 

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Everything you need to know about storing your RV and planning for cold weather travel.

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Roadpass University: RV Maintenance Made Easy

Roadpass University: RV Maintenance Made Easy

How do you stay ahead of regular wear and tear on your RV before it becomes a bigger problem? Preventative maintenance is key. This free course offers troubleshooting and maintenance tips for some of the most important systems and appliances in your RV.

Watch: 15 Campground Etiquette Tips

New to RVing? We’re breaking down 15 campground etiquette tips to help you look like a camping pro.

Roadpass University: Campground Etiquette

Roadpass University: Campground Etiquette

In this free course, you'll learn all about campground etiquette and best practices you should know about while RVing in the great outdoors. We'll show you the unwritten rules of RVing you might not know if you're a brand new camper (or might have forgotten about if you're a seasoned one).